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Inside This Month's Edition

Telecommuting During COVID-19: How to Stay Productive When Working at Home

  • 3 Ways to Stay Productive with Kids Around
  • 10 Reasons to Outsource Your Email Marketing
  • YouTube Marketing Tips for Small Businesses
  • 7 Social Media Marketing Strategies That Bring Results
  • Infographic:2020 Small Business Trends
  • And Much More!

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What types of topics do we cover?

Each issue includes a variety of professionally written articles on a variety of topics, all focused on providing timely and relevant information to local business owners.

March 2020
LBM March 2020 Cover | Local Business Marketing Magazine

Inside This Month's Edition

  • 10 Ways to Improve Your Business Emails
  • 7 Ways to Provide Excellent Online Customer Service
  • 7 Ways to Promote Your Small Business
  • 7 Simple Ways to Build Credibility in the Marketplace
  • Ten Email Content Ideas to Reduce Unsubscribe Rates
  • Infographic: SEO Pyramid
  • And Much More!
February 2020
LBMMagazineFeb2020 Cover

Inside This Month's Edition

  • 10 Ways to Get More Subscribers to Your Mailing List
  • How to Easily Tap into the Military and Veteran Market
  • Three Basic Tips for Email Marketing
  • How to Attract Paying Customers Using Lead Magnets
  • Smarter Ways to Use Social Media to Market Your Small Business
  • 7 Results-Driven Content Marketing Ideas Most Businesses Aren’t Using
  • Infographic: Today's Mobile Environment-2020
  • And Much More!
January 2020
Cover January 2020 LBM

Inside This Month's Edition

  • Social Media: Five Types of Content to Post
  • Why Your Small Business Needs a Unique Value Proposition and How to Create One
  • A Quick Introduction to Online Reputation Management
  • 10 Topic ideas for Your Business Website Blog
  • 8 Useful Tips for E-commerce Store Owners in 2020
  • Infographic: 40 Business Blog Topic Ideas
  • And Much More!
December 2019
December Magazine Cover 2019 | LMS Solutions Inc.

Inside This Month's Edition

  • Tips on Using Pinterest to Grow Your Small Business
  • Content Marketing:Five Essential Rules for Better Blog Content
  • Tips for Entrepreneurs: 5 Ways To Increase Workplace Productivity
  • Using a Blog to Find New Customers: What You Should Know
  • Digital Marketing: Three Ways to Gain More Followers on Twitter
  • Infographic:Top Promotional Items
  • And Much More!
November 2019
November Magazine Cover | Local Business Marketing Magazine

Inside This Month's Edition

  • 4 Freebies to Help You Grow Your Small Business
  • Video Content Strategies for Small Businesses on Twitter
  • 5 Amazing Tips for the Best Instagram Marketing Strategy
  • Website Design: Five Features That Should Appear on Your Home Page
  • 10 Tips to Help You Perform SEO On Your Facebook Business Page
  • Infographic: 13 Common Website Mistakes
  • And Much More!
October 2019
October Cover | Local Business Marketing Magazine

Inside This Month's Edition

  • Finding New Customers Through Social Media
  • 4 Effective Tips for Increasing Customer Retention
  • Digital Marketing: Three Types of Content to Post on Facebook
  • 7 Ways to Give an Edge to Your Facebook Marketing Strategy
  • 10 Tips That Will Help You Make Better Business Decisions
  • Infographic: 2019 Holiday Planning
  • And Much More!
September 2019
Local Marketing Magazine | LMS

Inside This Month's Edition

  • 20 Twitter Content Ideas to Boost Visibility and Keep Your Followers Happy
  • 5 Ideas to Help Your Business Manage a Social Media Crisis
  • Top 8 Ways to Boost Your Instagram Engagement Rates
  • 4 Ways Active Blogging Boosts SEO
  • Infographic: Social Media Images 2019 Size Guide
  • And Much More!
August 2019

Inside This Month's Edition

  • What is Negative SEO and How You Can Protect Your Website from It
  • 5 Tips for Creating Effective Marketing Goals
  • Keyword Research: 8 Ways to Come Up with Amazing Long-Tail Keywords for Your Website
  • Marketing 101: Using Social Media to Grow Your Business
  • Infographic: 2019 Instagram Stats and Tips
  • And Much More!

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